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Devlin Flynn: Occult Detective

Set in 1930’s England, The Devil’s Gambit is the first in a series of  thrilling detective romps with an occult twist.

When the beautiful daughter of a powerful man is abducted, Occult Detective Devlin Flynn is called upon to help investigate the mysterious disappearance. Teaming up with an ambitious young detective, they uncover a dangerous occult organisation at the heart of the British Empire.

They must risk their lives and their very souls in a battle of good vs evil to save the day and protect the realm from the powers of darkness.

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“It is the duty of every Englishman to be practised in the art of boxing, fencing and pistolry. If attacked by ruffians a gentleman should know how to defend himself. Don’t you agree, Detective McAvoy?”

Devlin Flynn

The adventures of Devlin Flynn, Occult Detective, continue in Chaper II, The Rise of the Thule. Join our heroes in a high- stakes, globetrotting adventure, as they fight to keep the most powerful and dangerous of religious artifacts from the hands of an evil nazi occult organisation, hell-bent on world domination.

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Take heart, friend. The services of D. Flynn, Esq., occult investigators, are ready to take your case.

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